Wellness Warriors – Finally Winning the Weight-Loss Battle!


Almost February. That time of year when all those resolutions have been made, broken and thrown out the window. Again.

As we all know, permanent weight reduction and living a healthy lifestyle takes more than dedication and willpower. For some of us, it is a battle for which we need to armour and re-armour ourselves in order to lose and maintain the loss. It is indeed a war and our very lives depend on the outcome.

Let 2013 be the year you arm yourself for battle, reach your goal weight, get off the blood pressure medications, balance out glucose levels and finally get that monkey off your back. Let it be the year you fit into that dress, allow that picture to be taken and feel proud in your skin because you glow good health and fitness. Let it be the year you keep the weight off for good.

I am offering a unique support group to help achieve these goals. As Wellness Warriors, we’ll all fight the good fight with everything from simple weight-loss and exercise tricks and tips to mindfulness studies, psychological motivations and meditations to keep the weight off permanently and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The program will run for one hour a week for ten weeks starting February 6, 2013 at a cost of $170.00 plus HST. Spaces are limited, so please confirm your commitment to the Wellness Warriors program as soon as possible.

Set your intention to make 2013 the year you finally win the war, stop dieting and start living the best life possible.