Lawyers turn to meditation to fight stress and improve performance

April 1, 2009


From Canadian Lawyer By Craig Cormack | Publication Date: Monday, 23 March, 2009
Ask any lawyer and she will tell you that practising law is hazardous to your health, and that the guilty party is stress.

Studies show that out of 28 professions, lawyers are most likely to burn out.

Stress is linked to high blood pressure, chronic migraines, heart disease, depression, and anxiety among other health problems.

There are effective ways to master stress, however, and a growing number of lawyers are responding to this endemic health hazard by enrolling in stress management courses that feature meditation.
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Mindfulness, not flakiness

February 23, 2009


Sarah Treleaven, Financial Post Published: Saturday, February 21, 2009

There are already so many things you’re forced to do at work. Drink subpar coffee as a break from mundane chores. Come up with creative ways to cut costs. And now your boss wants you to meditate?

Meditation has been gaining a slow and steady fan base in financial and professional environments as a way to combat the ravaging physical and psychological impacts of stress.
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Mindfulness Bibliography

October 15, 2008

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Lotus Therapy

May 27, 2008



The patient sat with his eyes closed, submerged in the rhythm of his own breathing, and after a while noticed that he was thinking about his troubled relationship with his father.

β€œI was able to be there, present for the pain,” he said, when the meditation session ended. β€œTo just let it be what it was, without thinking it through.”
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