“I took part in Barbara’s Mindfulness for Well-being session this past summer. It was one of the best things that I’ve ever done in my life. It has changed my perspective on work, home and family life. It has also helped me to re-evaluate where I want to be at the age of 47. Instead of feeling “is that all there is”, I’m now feeling like I have some choices in life and that I can control how I handle stress and my feelings of being overwhelmed by trying to have and do it all. I think you’ll like what Barbara has to say. Barb

“My employer paid for a five-week Mindfulness Meditation program led by Barbara Symmons. It was a combination of meditation techniques and simple yoga moves, and was geared to harnessing mind and feeling to the moment, reducing distractions, fears, guilt, worry, and insecurity. The simple, direct techniques taught during the program have resulted in a change in the way I work – a change for the better. A number of major initiatives I’ve been working on are coming together and bearing fruit, and I’m able to stay in control of the work. Issues in the workplace no longer “get me down”; I simply move on and find other ways to get the job done. I’ve met and exceeded my goals in this program.” Mary

“I was fortunate to have the chance to participate in your workshop on “Mindfulness” recently at the Opportunities conference. It was excellent, very useful and practical!!! I am currently going through a divorce after being in a marriage that was emotionally and verbally abusive for 23 years. Your session helped me to focus on myself and define the “gremlin”. It is the first time I have felt positive about myself in MANY years. I appreciate your help – THANK YOU!!!” Lorraine

“Barbara focused entirely on me and what I wanted in my life; she helped me find my way and stay on course.”

“Sometimes what you don’t say is just as important. Barbara listened, not only to my words, but also to the spaces between the words.”

“Talking with Barbara is like being in a safe place where no-one judges me. Even when I had made a mess of things she still encouraged and supported me. She saw the very best in me, even when I could not see it myself.

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