Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

January 16, 2005


I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara Symmons in two capacities. Firstly, she acted as an executive coach, and secondly, I participated in her Mindfulness program. I am extremely grateful for both experiences. To appreciate the value of Barbara’s skills and experience, it is helpful to understand how working with her has affected me.

Executive coaching and Mindfulness gave me the chance to see clearly again. When I started working with Barbara, I was drowning, or perhaps had already drowned, under the waves of work and personal challenges. My perspectives were negative, cynical and depressed. My battered outlook influenced how I saw everything and how I reacted, whether it was at work or at home. I was extremely stressed, and it showed to others. However, I could not really see it. My work and personal decisions, interactions and relationships were affected. I had stopped bringing my best self into the workplace, or anywhere else for that matter. I worked hard, but not well.
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